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From: Julia Fenix
May 2, 2015

Dear Friend,

Did you know that you can significantly increase the chances of success with specific, written goals and detailed action plan?

What's holding you back from achieving your goals step-by-step?

The shocking truth is that only 3% of people are living their life with a specific plan, while the rest 97% let their dreams and passion slowly fade away with each passing day.

No matter what goal you have, this rule applies to you, and it's downright shocking how reaching your goals can be delayed for years if you don't invest a small amount of time and commit your goals to paper.

Now imagine what incredible life you could have if all of your goals could be accomplished 5 years from now!

  • Now you live much happier and healthier life;
  • You've grown a lot personally and professionally;
  • You've been promoted for a better position in your company or started your own business;
  • You've paid all your debts and started growing your passive income;
  • You've finally visited the country of your dream;
  • You've bought yourself a dream car and a dream house;
  • You spend a lot of time with your friends and family;
  • You give back to your community and take care of the ones in need;
  • You've become the role model for many people who know you, because you were able to focus on your goals and reach them.

Congratulations for DREAMING BIG!

It takes a lot of courage to dream big, and you've already taken the first step to making all your dreams come true!

But here is what you should remember:

"Without a goal something terrible happens - nothing!"

(Gary Ryan Blair)

Writing strategic goals that are clear, attainable and time-bound can be a hurdle.

Yet, with the right set of tools and a positive attitude you can overcome any hurdle, climb any mountain and reach your highest potential, using the same goal setting forms that hundreds of men and women have already used for making their dreams come true!

Within next 15 minutes you can make a dramatic difference for the rest of your life!

Now imagine that instead of racking your brains on how to put all your goals together and create an action plan for them, now you have it all in one place and can easily:

  • Set goals, schedule their achievement and add pictures for visualization!
  • Track goals: make yourself accountable for the progress of your goals with special features that allow you to keep track of your results!
  • Stay focused on your goals by watching their progress and evaluating the potential obstacles and risks, investments and sacrifices that may be involved.
  • Be inspired with your own achievements and have the list of your accomplished goals always in sight to remind you of your great potential!

And this is just a tip of the iceberg! There are a lot more ways, in which GoalsOnTrack software can help you reach your goals faster!

If you want to live a purpose driven life, then I highly recommend you to sign up for the GoalsOnTrack software right now!

Keep Your Goals On Track
is a web-based goal setting software that allows you to track goals, tasks, progress & time!

Here is what other customers are saying about this software:

"This is a great service! I gave up on finding an online task manager that would map tasks to goals or projects. Then yesterday I stumbled across this! Great stuff." - Asif R.
"I am excited. It is a very good implementation of 'Getting Things Done'." - Andre C.
"Nice job. I like the clean look and feel and that it focuses on only what is important. Thanks." - Mitsu F.
"The most effective goal setting system in my opinion is one that gives you a place to write out a goal and then have sub-goals and then a list of action items that can be sorted according to date. With a feature like this you will be able to check off what was done and what is overdue. I found all of these features to be available in "GoalsonTrack" and it even warns you of the goals you've been slacking on..." - Afzar N.

Think about this for a moment:

Make your decision today and take 15 minutes to write goals that you want to achieve right now!

You'll be amazed at the influence this single decision will have on the rest of your life!

Achieve your highest potential and reach your biggest goals with GoalsOnTrack web-based goal setting software that will allow you to:

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You'll be amazed at the value of this killer software for achieving both your short-term and long-term goals! I can't wait till I hear about your new achievements!

Successfully yours,

Julia Fenix


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- Abdullah

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